How difficult is it to be a nurse in the intensive care department?

There are many variables. I have always been assigned to different sections, including recovery rooms, medical intensive care rooms, intensive post-surgical care rooms, intensive care spaces for trauma, intensive heart care room, and so on. Therefore, I can see and directly compare more units than the average of the other sisters.


By far the most difficult unit is the cardiac intensive care unit. This is the only unit where I always feel not good enough. We have a variety of protocols that require us to withdraw patient lab results, interpret them and treat them. We are expected to know a problem before the problem occurs. I think it’s almost like being a doctor and I do not have the skills there.

The positive thing is I never get more than 3 patients at the same time and usually only get two patients. On a regular unit, I can get up to 12 patients at night (most often 8 patients), which I think is actually dangerous to the patient and rude to me. If you want to buy tools used in hospitals you can visit


Being a nurse in the intensive care unit is the most like the nurse we learn in nursing school. But of course the difference is that we can no longer send patients to higher levels of care, we are the higher level of care.

So if you are a perfectionist and want to see things done right, an intensive care unit is the right place for you. If you like compromising with boundaries, especially if you have a problem with greater responsibility that you have to deal with in an intensive care unit, then you should be in a regular care unit. It is not possible to give the same treatment to 12 patients as you provide treatment to 2 patients.