If The Wooden Floor Is Your choose, Check This Yes!

You want to use wooden flooring at home, but confused? Understandable! At least there are more than 50 types of wooden floor in the market with a variety of shapes and sizes.

Parquet Specialist from reclaimed floorboards,  said wood floors are now processed and manufactured with a variety of advantages, so it can be installed almost in all the space in the house.

Here are some of the options he suggested, before you decide on a wooden floor:


This type of wood is most commonly used for flooring in the United States. In the market there are two types of Oak or Ek. Ie Red Oak or Red Oak that has a texture like salmon meat. White Oak or White Oak looks pale.

Excess Oak, can accept any kind of finishing, easy to install and load resistance. The deficiency is easily blackened if exposed to water. Therefore, it is not suitable for bathroom or kitchen.


This wood has a wavy pattern like wheat and its color is dark full of red or gold spots. The excess Mahogany is durable and moisture resistant, so it can be used in the bathroom.

Mahogany includes flexible for a variety of finishing. The drawback, this type of wood is not easy to obtain, so it is more expensive.


The wood is distinguished from its pattern of wavy granules with black rings: the color ranges from creamy white to light brown.

Excess, moisture resistant and ideal for water-prone areas such as kitchens. The drawback is that it is difficult to have surface coatings. This type of node area is easily separated during installation, requiring additional material.


In the market this type of wood is commonly called Walnut. Walnut wood has been used for centuries for floors and furniture.

Its almost purplish color with a consistent grain pattern and beautiful wooden eyes is the plus. The drawback, wooden floor with this type of wood is not suitable for areas that are often trampled repeatedly.