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Detecting Lies By Use Of A Polygraph

Lying or being dishonest is against the central values that are widely accepted throughout the human population and has also been supported been supported by various religions through scriptures. Therefore no human being would want to find themselves lying, but when one is subjected to pressure especially if they are on the downside they are probably going to lie. When one decides to lie their bodies are likely to react which is indicated through various measurable physiological changes that are utilized by lie detecting machines as we get nervous and also anxious. A polygraph is the main machine that has been widely used to detect lies since the machine depends on the physiological changes.

Though there are different physiological changes that occur in case one lies there are those that are common, and one such change is the increase in breath rate. The sharp increase is followed by decrease in the depth of each breath commonly referred to as shallow breathing. Such variations are easily detected by the polygraph lie detector since the machine has a pneumographic aspect. When one is lying their blood pressure which represents blood circulation in the body also rises. The the cardiographic aspect of the polygraph ensure that it also easily detects the change in blood pressure.

Another important sign that someone is lying is the increase in sweat discharge from their bodies. The the electrical resistance of the subject’s skin is measured and any changes noted by the polygraph. The method does not measure the amount of sweat that one produces directly, but it measures electrical conductivity which is bound to increase with the increase of perspiration amount. When the amount increases it ensures there is increase in electrolyte concentration since sweat is ionic liquid allowing electric current to pass through.
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All the results that are collected by the polygraph lie detector are recorded in the form of a graph. Initially recording of the information collected by a polygraph was done by tracing it on a chart paper. But modern polygraphs can be connected to computers where all the information will be saved and hence eliminate the task of analyzing data recorded as hard copy. Computers also provide a safe storage for data in case any further analysis is required or any future reference.
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A digital polygraph possess other numerous benefits. The ability to analyze information collected by use of software that has been developed is one key advantage associated with digital polygraph. the software also helps the examiner in converting the data into charts and other forms that may be necessary. However one cannot depend entirely on the lie detector to detect lies.