Polyethylene Foam: an Ideal Packaging Solution for Industries

For every manufacturing industry, the packaging remains a critical parameter that should never be neglected. It ensures the protection of the products during transport and storage. And because it triggers the first impression in customers, it also has to be good-looking and reflect your brand image. If you are looking for the perfect packaging and cushioning solution for your company, polyethylene foam is the best alternative. It is robust, insulating, flexible, shock absorber and sustainable.

Polyethylene Foam Packaging Specificities

Polyethylene foam is more and more popular with industry professionals. It is a thermoplastic, translucent and chemically inert packaging option that can adapt to all manufacturing companies. Polyethylene resists more and perfectly to oxidation compared to other foam packaging solutions. Plus, the material is simple to handle and to transform. Just like all products made of polyethylene, the foam packaging is resistant to temperature variations. Its treatment process differs in some points according to the manufacturer and the desired results. They may use anti UV, food, anti-abrasion, colored in the mass, and propose different finishes such as mirror-like, smooth, rough and grained. To find high end PE foam packaging for your products, go on https://novostrat.com/planklite.

The Advantages of Polyethylene Foam Packaging for Industries

The first advantage of the use of polyethylene foam packaging in industries is that it has the required resistance to shocks and to temperature changes. It will keep your finished products intact even if they have a very high level of fragility, or even if they are extremely heavy. This material also has a low coefficient of friction, which is very interesting for most industry professionals.

The chemical and non-toxic inertia of the polyethylene will not fail to seduce you, especially if you produce food. The material is surely synthetic but guaranteed non-toxic at all. On the other hand, it is very resistant to corrosion and oxidation if you manufacture steel or metallic objects. Perhaps you will a little impressed by learning that polyethylene is also used for making tanks. It is because it offers optimum reliability in terms of corrosion and oxidation resistance.

Every industry can order the size, the design, the density and the color of its PE foam packaging. Thanks to the mechanical properties of the material, manufacturer can easily handle and shape it according to every client’s needs. It is good to know that polyethylene foam benefits from electrical insulation properties and is totally ecological.