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What are the Main Differences Between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting? The two most used for running online businesses hosting services are dedicated hosting and shared hosting. Dedicated web hosting has numerous advantages, and the biggest one is the freedom to use each single resource on a single server dedicated to one site. This hosting has one server assigned to a particular website unlike in shared hosting where many sites share one resource. Businesses and websites that have gigabytes of data with a multitude of pictures, videos and multimedia content in addition to hundreds of pages that need the best server uptime guarantees and quicker loading times. Dedicated hosting has one server whose specifications are defined by the customer. In this article, we’ll explore the differences between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Dedicated hosting is meant for only one website and dedicates all its resources to the entire website whereas shared hosting has many websites that run on one server.
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In dedicated hosting, the webmaster employs one IP address that is unlike other IP addresses in the world. For shared hosting, the webmaster uses an IP that is shared by various websites that run on one server. There is a risk of sharing IP addresses which is quite high as some search engines have blacklisted some sites. Sites that share a server might be adversely affected by policies that have been formulated by search engine where the legitimate sites might not be allowed listing on some search engines. The websites that share an IP address will likewise get prohibited from accessing the internet, in case a shared IP address is banned.
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Dedicated web hosting has some advantages but these come at a high price. Dedicated hosting is as much as 15 times more the price of shared hosting. The primary reason for this type of cost difference is it uses a lot of resources of the web hosting company and because the whole website is running. With dedicated hosting, the web hosting company provides dedicated customer support. Nevertheless, in shared hosting, the web hosting company will manage just the routers, firewalls and computers. Dedicated web hosting contains various packages like server memory (RAM), hard disk space, server speed (CPU) and the forms of tools and applications that should be installed. Put simply, it’s a fully customized solution for people that have sites. In shared hosting, the websites get equipment, applications, and readymade tools minus the benefit of customization. With dedicated hosting, you’ve got the alternative of picking what operating system the servers may have like Windows or Linux. All these are the important differences between these two kinds of web hosting. That which you select will chiefly rely on how much you are willing to pay for each type and what your tastes are.