The Selection Criteria for Polyethylene Packaging Foam

If your finished product is ready to be shipped to your customers but you still hesitate in choosing a suitable cushioning foam for its packaging, the matter can be complex and delicate because the object must be delivered without any breakage or crack. Hence, the importance of knowing the criteria for choosing a transport foam is essential. Made from organic polymers, polyethylene packaging foam absorbs vibrations and resists shocks due to transport. Tailor-made, in plate or roll form, it is chosen according to the characteristics of the products, the transport and storage conditions.

Choose PE Packaging Foam according to the Product’s Specificities

Regardless of the type of merchandise you manufacture, weight is a determining factor for the choice of the polyethylene foam packaging. Indeed, the heavier the product is, the more the foam must be able to absorb the shocks that may occur during transport. It is, therefore, necessary to choose foam with high density and respects all the standards in force for more effectiveness. The level of fragility of the item is also important. This is why, the more fragile the object is, the more the foam must be custom-made to avoid any risk inside the box. You can order foams specially adapted to the size of your products. You can notably opt for high end non cross linked polyethylene foam to pack and protect the most valuable products.

Choosing the Right PE Packaging Foam: the Transport and Storage Criteria

If you ship your products by plane, it is obvious that the shipping conditions are not the same as for road transport or premium private carrier. You will then have to adapt the packaging of your items according to this important criterion. You should know it is likely that your products make several trips between the factory and the end customer. In fact, goods are often stored in transit warehouses, with significant variations in terms of temperature and humidity. The electronic equipment is particularly sensitive to climatic modifications. Therefore, it is crucial to select a polyethylene foam adapted to those kinds of foreseeable situations.

On the other hand, the shipping distance is a fundamental parameter if you have to send your goods to the other side of the planet. You must be sure that the package will arrive completely intact, under normal conditions of transport. Remember that the first impression on delivery of the package is crucial for customers. And they have the right to refuse a damaged package, especially when the cause is a poorly thought-out packaging solution.

You have here all the elements to make the best choice of polyethylene cushioning and dampening foam. So now, you can order or purchase the model that will fit perfectly your merchandises and means of transport.