How to prepare an interesting multimedia presentation and give it well?

Oral presentations are useful both in the academic world and at work. All multimedia presentations work like slide shows. To give some information, let’s divide it into slides. Think of each slide as a blank field for photos and words that will help you to create the right narrative. Even if the content we want to convey is interesting, if the slides are visually uninteresting, we will probably lose the audience’s attention. Simplicity of presentation and self-confidence with the key to convince the audience.

The importance of an appropriate presentation project

Never underestimate the power of aesthetics when designing a presentation. Choose a simple and neutral background to avoid affecting the legibility of the text. Avoid background images. When it comes to typography, it is a good idea to choose fonts such as Arial, Helvetica or Verdana, and if we are not very talented in graphic design, let’s not mix a few fonts. First of all, the visual consistency of the presentation should be maintained.

In the presentation, “less is more.”

The presentation should not have more than 10 slides and should not exceed 20 minutes in length. Always look for ways to simplify information and relieve slides from unnecessary elements. Equalize its various elements. Harmonious presentation promotes understanding and concentration. Something as simple as aligning elements will make the information more readable.

Selecting the right images for your presentation

The audience cannot read and hear at the same time. Remember this when you want to put a block of text on a slide. Just a simple headline and a picture illustrating the concept. First of all, avoid reading the text directly from the screen, it is boring and shows a lack of confidence in your own ability to communicate ideas.

Visual contact as the key to good presentation

Let’s make sure we look at our audience, not at the ceiling, floor or screen. This position deprives us of all the power of persuasion and shows that we are not confident enough in what we are saying. If we perform in front of many people, let’s choose three or four and maintain visual contact with them. It is also worth dressing appropriately to the presentation, so your appearance does not distract attention from the presented content.

Rehearse the presentation show

Although it seems obvious, it is a step that most people put aside. Exercising in front of a mirror or someone we trust will reduce our nerves and the possibility of forgetting or making mistakes. On the day of the presentation, let’s arrive earlier and make sure we have enough time to prepare the necessary connections for the projection, avoiding doing everything at the last minute. The audibility of our voice is a fundamental factor in the success of a presentation. That doesn’t mean we should scream. Simply maintain a good attitude, let our voice resound in our lungs and vocalize words so quickly that the audience can hear and understand what we are saying.


It is also advisable to provide information during the presentation in a way that is interesting for the audience. One of the characteristics of great speakers is that they know how to illustrate their ideas with jokes, anecdotes or small stories instead of reciting clear and hard information. Let us show that we are passionate about what we say. A pleasant and funny presentation will be exponentially more memorable than one which does not show any passion or humour.

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